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come on sucker lick my battery
CD Baby Pays 100% to Indie Artists 
30th-Jul-2012 09:37 pm
Upright Citizen

We interrupt our summer slumber to bring you this breaking news! For a few short days — 7/30 through 8/3 — the fine folks at CD Baby are doing something wonderful to help independent musicians. CD Baby is giving 100% of digital music sales to the artist without taking their customary cut. If you still have holes in your Possible Oscar collection, now is the time when your dollars can benefit us the most. Think of the children! (Seriously, think of the children. Jeff just had a kid.)

So saddle up your shoppin’ horse and trot on over to the Possible Oscar store at CD Baby to buy some music. If you already have all our music, then consider buying something from another artist. Every purchase helps the cause and validates our existence!

Originally published at Possible Oscar official website. You can comment here or there.

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